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Roham Shiraz

I started photography since twenty years ago. After a few years, doing photography repetitively taught me how a camera can be absorbed to my body, just like an “apparatus”. This understanding made me find a reasonable and right connection with a part of photographic history: Stieglitz, Strand, Nadar, Cartier-Bresson, Frank, Callahan, Arbes, Friedlander, Adams, Weston, Parr, Shore, Goldin, Graham, Sternfeld, Eggleston, Giacomelli, Mann and etc. As a result of getting connected to this photographic process, I got also interested in the study of the history of photography theory: Szarkowski, Sekula, Rosler, Jenkins and etc. This type of conceptual thoughts linked me again to another group of photographers: Bechers, Strauss, Ralph, Wall, Crewdson and Baldassari and etc. All this process took around ten years.
It was about ten years ago that I realized the huge impact of digital on “mediality” of traditional photography, so I became more connected to the philosophical aspects of photography and got to know contemporary theorists: Flusser, Mitchell, Lester, Manovich, Ritchin, Batchen, Wells and some others taught me to consider photography as a dynamic medium. This dynamism connected me with more contemporary photographers: Webb, Tillmans, Soth, Delahaye, Dijkstra, Demand, Kandar, Letinsky and etc.
Yet, I am glad today that no photographer and theorist have ever enchanted me that much to get caught up in part of my near and far past.

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