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Exhibition Review

Revision 2021

The artist has chosen a very clever title to present her works in +2 Gallery: “Revision: 1400”
Seeing the works, it feels like we have found an artist who has spent many years observing and studying in the cellars and underground sewers. It is as if Majidi Nezhad’s show is trying to prepare a proper visit from the underground world. How she creates work seems appropriate to her subject, and the monotype technique has worked well in conveying the mental space in front of her eyes to us. She has worked well. Her large frames remind the artist of her fascination with such spaces, and even the removal of visual perspective from the dimensions of the space has made it possible for us.
But in fact, it is not how it is and it is understandable from the statement that not only the underground space but the architecture and murals of the Isfahan Grand Mosque (on the ground) that we observe. The accuracy, patience, and details of Majidi Nezhad’s works prove many hours of her wondering and staring and at last, getting confined in this space.
The show revolves around a work; a two-piece work on the west wall of the gallery, and other presented frames show us reflections and details of the same space.