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Return of Reza Motori

Khosrow Hasanzadeh has once again studied the pop-art culture in his recent exhibition at Iranshahr Gallery, though this time his pop works have targeted a topic that is closely related to the pop culture of this country. Reza Motori had an essential role in the ethnographic culture of the 70s; a form of popular culture that was redefining its meaning in connection with the coffee-house culture and modern patriarchy. Such American pop was the result of technology and media and rapidly established itself as a concept in society.
Works of Khosrow Hasanzadeh are something between silk-screen and coffee-house tiles. If pop art reflects the consumerist axioms of the twentieth century, it can be known as the product of the industrialization of the era and study it in the context of Western cultural-economic facilities; an arrangement that was the brainchild of artists such as Warhol and his peers. However, representing Reza Motori with its Western pop form in today’s situation only considers its cultural aspect, without paying any attention to the production context and performative necessity. The representation of cultural concepts can be a subject for producing artworks, but why and how to deal with that in today’s situation and with theoretical support is notable.