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Resonance Group Exhibition

Resonance photo exhibition presents some frames with isolated subjects, portraits in which light plays a serious role in transformation, landscapes are fade and still objects often speak of the end of a story which some of them reappear in a different installation and size while we look at them, frameless frames that show off mysteriously by repeating themselves occasionally.

The focus of the exhibition, as explained in the statement, is on marginalizing the subject. This targets new semantic potentials of each individual image that can be achieved without pre-assumptions given. In this case, the encounter is at the greatest distance from the artist’s intention. Here, the work is able to speak more independently than before, and the audience’s active mind can listen to voices that fit more in their personal framework. However, as long as the construction of this form of encounter is not the subject itself, there is a danger that even the aim itself is easily marginalized. Separating the photos from their original context and putting them back together again, in order to have a new narrative, requires a visible dispersion and at the same time, making visible new definitions, so that the audience’s imagination can move as freely as possible, but guided. Abandoning any subject may turn the work into a mere figure or postcard, rather than an effective process and subject. How close this exhibition is to its goals can be evaluated by studying these features.