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Parvaneh Etemadi is one of the most famous Iranian painters whose works have been exhibited internationally in Basel, Delhi, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Dubai. Recently two of her collections selected by Ali Bakhtiari were displayed in Azad Gallery and Inja gallery. The techniques used in these works are collage and serigraphy.

Parvaneh Etemadi was the only private student of Bahman Mohasses and some of her works are directly influenced by him, including a work in her recent collection that the patterns of fish are visible similar to works of Mohasses. She has also taught artists like Sadegh Tirafkan, Avish Khebrehzadeh and Reza Daneshmir.

She is an experimental artist and using different materials is one of her major features of work. She has also experienced painting on cement, color pencil techniques, using fabrics such as mesh, cardboard collage and printing. Inspired by Indian art has existed in her work and a poetic sensation has turned her still life works into collage.

As one of the Qandriz Hall and similar to many of its artists Etemadi had no interest in Saqqa khaneh art movement. One of her specific characteristics is her belonging to the Iranian culture and how she distinguishes herself from the artists whose works are more touristic and loved by those outside Iran.