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Rare Forest Poem

How can abstract painting develop and what kind of history can this art have? Figurative painting goes on with identifying new subjects and, of course, with painting familiar subjects in various ways. It is obvious that non-figurative art or abstract cannot develop the same. The exhibition of Monir Zendeh at Homa Gallery shows how the act of abstraction can remain alive and dynamic in hands of someone who wants to explore and experience. Her work is an abstract painting with expressionist elements done on relatively large canvases.
Monir Zendeh does not seek a critical approach in her works, but according to the statement, she simply tries a new language for herself and seeks a kind of visual study in which the use of color in that is closely related to the general structure of the work. However, what is remarkable, is the issue of awareness on the technical level and the way of using it, in a way that the audience does not see them in the level of an experience and visual game when he faces them. If abstract art goes beyond decoration, it is essential to find a deeply imaginative way to develop.