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on Iranian

Contemporary Art

Exhibition Review

Project 21- #1

Homa Delvaray is one of the new generations of Iranian graphic designers who have been able to turn the commercial aspect of graphics into exhibition content and express their artwork. Typography is a big part of her work. The series displayed by this artist in the 009821 Gallery named “Tension” includes a volume artwork and some of her posters.
In the drawings and works of Homa Delvaray, some dynamic visual features can be seen that represent the personal expression in presenting her works. 3-dimensioning of this context and tending to the intertwined structures of the graphic world is visible in the single volume work in this exhibition, which is considered a new innovation in the process of her work. The formic elements of her work with color, which is one of the most important features of her works, recreate a new space. Apart from the visual pleasure, her audacity in experiencing different mediums in the process of completing her work gives her the possibility to also affect the curiosity of her audiences and encourage them for her next series of works.