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نمایشگاه کارت پستال‌ها هنرمند محمدرضا میرزایی گالری اٌ


Mohammadreza Mirzaei’s exhibition titled as “Postcards” is presented in O gallery with 18 photographs. These photographs have also been printed in a book with same title. The photographs invite us to think about signs, the world and its representation, visual abstraction, the concept of landscape and of course traveling and daydreaming, “postcards from the postcard I live in: Santa Barbara”. Facing his changed land, he refers to living in exile. The images, taken from the Pacific Ocean or an installation in his apartment, are completely abstract, and unlike his recent projects, reminiscent of American painting “Color Field”. He likens this abstraction to a narrator who intends to express some memories in details, with a quote from Gholamhossein Saedi mentioned in his book: “It is now nearly two years since I have become a refugee in this place, spending every few nights in a friend’s house. I feel uprooted. Nothing seems real. Paris buildings all seem like theatrical set pieces. I imagine I am living inside a postal card. I fear two things: one is sleeping, the other is waking.”

Insist on repetition is a part of his photographic language to find a different discourse; focusing on instant perceptions of vision, which are often forgotten.