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Exhibition Review


The most recent exhibition of Babak Roshaninejad titled as “portrair” is being held at Assar Art Gallery. This oil painting exhibition features six works with dimensions of 200×180 and 200×140 cm, including five portraits and an image of a “door”; A yellow door with the word EMERGENCY on it. Confronting the door with number one, the audience is invited to see the works which means stepping into the world of Roshaninejad, because the rest of the works until the sixth one are in a certain order. The paintings are portraits of five women.

To see the works one needs to keep his distance. The further we go the more we get to see in those portraits that were nothing but a color twist from near distance; some thick colors that hit themselves on the canvas surface like a wave.

Works of Roshaninejad are interconnected. This is evident in his other collections such as “Left Face” in 2015 and “No! The History Is Not Written By The Victors” in 2012. His works include portraits or sometimes military weapons that find a metaphorical side with his techniques of painting. The exciting movements of the palette knife and brushes on the canvas makes his works as his personal language.