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“Poïétique” in words means creating in a moment, like poetry that is accompanied by consciousness, in addition to improvisation. The recent series of works by Elham Etemadi, has been displayed with this title in Bavan Gallery; some images and ideas have been worked on canvas via painting collages and using bright colors, fluent use of brushes, and a combination of the human figures and animal heads. Elham refers to an accident in her works and puts the elements of her image together randomly. She sometimes deliberately leaves a part of the structure of her work to let her audience be free to mix their imagination with the artist’s narrative. The dimensions of the works have been also selected with the same look in different sizes to show various installations and situations.
The lack of time and place is one of the other features of this series that is visible in most of the works. How Etemadi has used the brushes and the colors in these works is flat. She has not cared a lot to prepare the background and has more focused on numerous characters drawn in the foreground.