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“Playtime” is the title of `mahboubeh Karamli’s photo exhibition at O gallery. This collection takes us to the world of teenage girls aged between sixteen and eighteen whom Karamli sees them on the edge of two worlds: the world of teenage girls and the world of adult girls.

The photographer displays images that reflect her own lived experience and her subjects; A teacher who puts her students in front of the camera. As she stated in the press release, this is how the idea of photographing them in the school environment emerged: “Once when I wanted to show the students how a medium-format camera works, I took a photo of one of the girls, braiding her friend’s hair. It made them enormously excited. All of a sudden, they wanted to be in front of my camera as the subject. It was then that I decided to continue our “shooting sessions” during their break time. I could see the sense of paradox in them and it was exactly what I desired to depict. I also tried to make the scenes empty, because their characters in my frames were more important. I wanted to shoot a particular moment that I could observe in my students’ lives.”

Playtime shows a world that perhaps we have seen and dealt with very little in where we live in.