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Plants in Continuance

Works of Kasra Golrang are some exact drawings of plants and pots and objects. He brings the viewer close to his work by creating a detailed atmosphere. Paying attention to a less-important object (plants compared to human), the audience interacts with the work in a way that breaking it would only be possible by staring at another work.

In the late fifteenth century, nature became popular with artists more than before, and finding a plant subject was like a wave, taking the artists with themselves. Albrecht Dürer and some other artists used plants as the subject of their drawings, and of course, the growing need and scientific advances in the field of biology became another reason to encourage artists to draw plants and classify them.

The atmosphere that Golrang depicts in the “Plants in Continuance” collection, seems to be the continuation of the same tradition that the artist has been dealing with his newly found object. However, what differentiates the nature of Golrang’s works from the ones before is the low presence of humans in his drawings. Placing the plants in a pot or a bottle on the table, or next to another bunch of plants reminds the presence of humans.

Human has been marginalized contrary to the tradition of painting in the history of art, and plants seem like proud rulers. Working so detailed on plants at a time that classification and scientific purposes of biology through drawing are not used anymore, de-coloring the plants and bringing some elements such as an ashtray, a dying plant, or a cat taking a nap in the shade of a plant, along with the removal of the tangible element of human, have made the presented works involved in daily boredom and a display of isolation.

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