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Picked Nuri from The Garden

“Picked Nuri from The Garden” is the result of Nouriman Manouchehrifar’s attempt to portray femininity in the process of Iranian rituals, symbols, and templates. This exhibition held in Etemad Gallery seeks to link human (woman) with nature which is like a mother and shelter for the mankind. 

Manouchehrifar’s use of symbols such as feather, antler or tiny bird eggs in the paintings has deepen this natural and maternal connection. Using the antler like a galea on the head of her world’s women is a symbol of power and Farre Kiyani (one of the most well-known symbols of Zoroastrianism) glaring in our myths.

Works of artist which are sometimes sticking the pieces and sometimes collage with paintings have created a suitable form of harmony despite of the quality of drawings.

In this series and by combining various materials, artist deals with the same inquietude that today’s Iranian woman does. Approaching the works we face different pieces that are put together like the textures of a patchwork. Fragments of leaves and images of Iranian paintings or of birds and animals lingered among various motifs.

Although confronting the real world of women this form of meaning-making is far from the truth, but the connection of the myth with femininity has many facets to address which still keeps space for such works.