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on Iranian

Contemporary Art

Exhibition Review


Sasan Abri owns a good taste and passion for presenting his work. He is pretty fascinated by his technique and has created three of his four collections through transferring photo on paper. Although the presentation of his works is very neat and detailed, but the form is much more powerful than the content, as if the idea gets attached to the work by force.

Abri’s hand prints give his works an impressionist definition and his works of laid down people photographed in the park are thematically very similar to those of Georges Seurat.

The Polaroid films attached on wrinkled papers are the only collection done by a different technique which intends to show the photographer’s roaming in the city, picturing the people as if they have no individual importance and are only some stains or decorative elements used for visual composition.

The question that rises at the end is if the artist’s attempt to maximize the luxury of his work and getting far from the concept is along with the gallery’s policies?