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نمایشگاه عکاسی محمد صیاد گالری نبشی

Photo by M. Sayad

Some rarely seen photographs of Mohamad Sayad are being exhibited these days at Nabshi Gallery; some black and white photographs of the revolution’s early days and years which unlike his last year’s exhibition at the same gallery, are presented with a merely documentary approach.

While entering the gallery, we are immersed in more than a hundred photographs and so we start watching and exploring this number of rare framed documents. Images that are mostly captured from the people’s point of view; views of hope, fear and effort that have found more value after four decades. 

Mohamad Sayad who had been working those days as a photographer and reporter for foreign newspapers, has exhibited some of his works along with their short news text, as well as some of his framed contact-sheets as part of his archive. One of the other features of this exhibition is to see images of the women’s community during the revolution, which we may only be allowed to watch them in a gallery like Nabshi!

* The works of Mohamad Sayad in this gallery, also has a second part which begins after the end of this exhibition and deals with the eight-year period of the war along with a documentary of Mohamad Sayad’s life and the unveiling of his book.