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نمایشگاه عکس از م.صیاد – بخش دوم گالری نبشی

Photo by M. Sayad – Second Part

Nabshi Center is a place to review the older works from Kamran Shirdel to Mohamad Sayad. A center that is trying to give a new definition of the images left from the history to the audience by looking at this area again. Mohamad Sayad’s second exhibition of the Eight-Year-War photographs was an opportunity to go to this artistic and cultural center in an autumn weather.

The bombardment of his framed news photographs from the eight years of the Iran-Iraq war and its impact on the daily conditions of that period, unfortunately forces the audience to not see. Placing the old news photographs in a specific context and definition in museum-like center, has its own rules.

Throughout the history of photography, from Weegee to the FSA photographers, documentary and news photographs have slowly found their way into the museums, which redefining these works has had its own principles and criteria. Placing news photographs with no precise and specific selection and in a large number, without creating any space or similar frame and using a white border around the photo, reduces the documentary side and the features of that medium and has no justification other than making the photos beautiful and attractive.

The photographic images of Mohamad Sayad with grid installation and some notes below the photos, next to the frames are more to lose and not see.

What seems to be insignificant is the photographs and the dates behind them, that with such presentation has unconsciously had a negative impact on the exhibition.

The least that an art center can do, in addition to the selection, focus and researching on the artists and the works that have the values needed to be presented in a museum, is that it can find something in a work that hasn’t even crossed the mind of its artist at that time. However, this form of the exhibition and hastening to set it up with a similar and flat presentation, is nothing bat a violation of these principles in such situation.

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