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Peyman Shafieezadeh

Undoubtedly, there would have been no art created if there was no boiling inside. I believe that art is in fact an inner revolution that roars inside the artist and causes creation; a revolution that emerges within the artist based on deep questions, fears and conflicting beliefs. Regardless of the ability to express it, this definitely is and has been the basis for the formation of art.
By this introduction, I believe that today’s art in Iran has suffered a kind of chronic confusion and oblivion due to various reasons, such as historical rupture, political turmoil, and of course the dominant samples of the capitalist system that exist in higher levels, which we also have been affected by them.
Today’s art has forgotten its joy of creation. The artist seeks to produce his repetitive orders like an insensitive machine; orders that have promised him to achieve success and victory in a great competition. It seems that forgetting revolutions is a kind of syndrome. Yes! The difficulty of the path will be endured only by those attached to a goal. It is as if we have all forgotten that in this valley, destiny is following the path. We must all admit the fact that the art scene is not a competitive arena to benefit someone due to the loss or elimination of a member. I believe that it is only in the shadow of collective rationality that we can turn art into a liberating song from its dark, objective and useless abyss. It is only the artist’s thoughts that give him and his works a meaningful life or makes it worthless. So I see it as my duty to strive for the growth and dynamism of my thoughts and constantly renew them.
Now that the world is facing a horrible truth due to the presence of this dear virus and sees all its past mental patterns useless, it might be a good time to think more deeply about all the thoughts that make today’s and tomorrow’s art.

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