Short Reviews

on Iranian

Contemporary Art

Exhibition Review


The green, blue, red and black colors of the paintings exhibited at Saye Gallery are very impressive at first look to the eyes of the audience. Noticing the details, you will find out that it is not shouting, though is whispering some realities and concerns that artist believes they have involved the young generation for years.

Mirimoghadam’s works contain some Bic caps made in human form by the artist and because it is recounting one of the nostalgic signs of 60’s, the actions and reactions in the works can be reflecting the mood of sixties youth.

A door, cap, wall and shield each have the duty of protection. In these works, artist has used the cap instead of the barrel itself and this choice can be a metaphor for a layer of human personality that has always fought for his rights and needs.

The pen’s caps in some of Mirimoghadam’s works are sliced and cut, in some are stretched and seeking for liberation in the rest and these can each have a unique personality based on their composition and color; for instance, some may be warriors, some fanatical and some idealistic.