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“Persona” is a display of Andy Warhol’s artworks held at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. This exhibition includes twenty-eight pieces of seven installations, curated by Amir Raad. Some parts of his 3 movies are also featured in this show. As Amir Raad states, “the museum owns the biggest western modernist treasure in the east and these works are contrary to the title of the museum, so I have tried to have a contemporary reading of Warhol’s works.”
This is the first time that you can see a display of Campbell’s soap cans and Mick Jagger at the museum. This is a very good opportunity to see the works of this pop-art artist once together and pay more attention to the persona that the artist presents of himself.
Andy Warhol and his works have never been away from death and its idea and this is visible in his works. However, Warhol is an expert in making stories that he himself declines in his interviews and this is what makes knowing his real persona as difficult or even impossible as he wanted. By the way, seeing his works can definitely give us what we want to be.