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Exhibition Review


The exhibition of Peyman Shafieezadeh and Mohammad Ghazali entitled “PeakBASE” held in Navahi Projects, deals with the image’s basis; a connection in the realm of image and object, that moves between representation and abstraction.
Photo frames of Peyman Shafieezadeh, created in the process of his previous works, are part of the conceptual system of the image’s realm, a form of conceptual edit in which the image “glitched” by the hand at the edge of the frame, recounts its meaning in conjunction with that.
The same idea is found in Mohammad Ghazali’s photographs, but in photographic language; the lights and shadows of his photographs are similar to the details in the drawings of Shafieezadeh. Inside the image, also, there is no representative image due to the presence of a little light and lots of light shades, but the exhibition and conceptual context of the project give an implicit meaning to the photographs; as if there is a meaning in these shadows of light that can be interpreted not in the photo itself, but in the context of the project. Reading the project’s statement, it can be understood that this project deals with political games, a one-sided game in which society and politics are inextricably linked, and this show actually deals with the game with a conceptual approach.

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