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Pause On the Silence

Baroque Gallery with a luxury entrance is located inside Dayhim Cultural House, overlooking the Shariati Street. It has recently hosted an exhibition of Mehdi Pakdel’s collection of fifteen pictures from nature with the title of “Pause On the Silence”. Baroque Gallery with three floors and spiral staircase is designed by red carpet.

Mehdi Pakdel who has dropped his education in Graphic, has designed many posters for various theaters. He entered the cinema in 2000 and also music by releasing an album titled as “Reflection of Wet Ally”. This collection now is his first exhibition.

Unlike most exhibitions that criticize nature’s destruction, Pakdel’s pictures praise the nature’s aesthetics and gets engaged with Kant’s view of aesthetics in the sublime. In fact, pause on the silence is the encounter of the sublime with a human who has found himself so humbled comparing to the greatness of this beauty, has got enchanted with that and is inevitably silent. Seeing the works along with the declamation played in the space and the texts beside the photos indicates that Pakdel has aimed to represent a permanent link between nature and literature in Iranian folk art; as he has even deepened it by referring to the story of Sheikh Eshragh’s birds in his statement. Similar to those birds, Pakdel wants to take the audience with himself and fly over Iran’s nature to a God who can release the ties.

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