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Paper Works

“Paper Works” is as an excuse to make an installation that uses any material to talk. Each part of the exhibition works independently and besides this difference, all parts are somehow connected. A situation has been created for the audience to be placed in a space where he will be focused on the posters or the works on the wall, after checking the notebooks. Flipping the notebooks and checking them out, you see some exercises or unfinished works. Each installation eventually leads the eye to a relatively complete work on the wall and a structure on the floor.
One of the other features is the effect of the passage of time on the works that were once complete, and have changed in time. The work will be the language if stays the same, but if it changes in time or you change it, it will be a trace of the past. What exists now, is the inevitable effect of time on function; function, language, and reading, and sometimes just proof that the work once existed and now parts of it are wrapped in black plastic.