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Paper: A Field of Revelation

I think whatever we go through and create alternatives for, is because we can put them aside! In case of many things, we have either completely discarded them or rarely get back to them. But, what about paper? Have we crossed it, or have we been able to create alternatives that make us needless of it?
At least, it has not happened up to this moment and nothing could replace paper. Not that we have not tried, but some things do not seem to be passable, and the further we go on and create more and more complex facilities, we still need them. In case of paper, it is because, in the simplest situation, it gives us the most freedom to express ourselves, in any condition that we might need it. Paper takes on any different shape and many things can be done with that; you can fold it, tangle it, make collages with it, corrugate it, write or draw on it, tear it, burn it, turn it into something else, make volume out of it and do anything else that cannot even imagine!
The common point of all works is that they all contrast something that is cited in the statement. Paper is what we have not passed from and has become an active element in all the works. The paper here is a context of the past, in contrast to the monitors of the present.