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Pale Blue

O gallery is hosting the paintings of Aylar Dastgiri, titled as ‘Pale Blue’. The show is the result of artist’s two years of work.

What we see in these works, is a space in nature with familiar elements such as mountain, tree, river, sky, flowers and plants, though illustrated differently.

Fantasy images created by cheerful colors simple forms, call the audience to an imaginary world which might be a transformed image of reality.  In such environment, man is present as a nature’s guest. However, artist has focused more on the visual aspects of the work than having a conceptual approach to the topic. She has obviously tried to put all the elements away from their real form and give them the face of a painting. This is not only visible in the form and color of the elements, but also in the frames. It has made different dimensions in the images.

To achieve this, she has created her works by focusing on visual features of producing art and experimenting different ways of seeing paintings in gallery, including video. By this approach, Dastgiri has emptied the content of her works of any meanings and has reduced her subject to a decorative object that due to her statement their sole function is to create a more artistic expression.