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Exhibition Review

Paintings by Nosratollah Moslemian

Taking a general look at the recent works of Nosratollah Moslemian in Iranshahr Gallery, this question arises in mind that is his works on the path of repetition or continuity?
Social concerns and the difficulties of the war were the main subjects of his paintings in the 80s and direct criticizing of the society’s situation was evident in them. In the next years, this was replaced by more different features, which were an adaptation of the Iranian painting tradition and influenced by the achievements of the contemporary art world.
Different textures, bright colors, and vast geometric surfaces that have an effective and efficient structure while their simplicity, and the intertwined and compact figures usually found in the corners of the paintings were some of the visual features of Moslemian works from the 90s onward. In the recent series, using his skills, Moslemian has tried to portray the contradictions he finds in this period of time. In the solo faces painted in the square frames, all the eyes are closed and with their sad faces, they seem to be silent out of compulsion. In larger works, the arrangement of visual elements and figures seem to be trying to express a confusing situation of what is happening around them. It is normal that his works in this exhibition have the personal characteristics of how he works, but the high number of similar works and continuation of a style has caused the artist’s imagination to remain still, resulting in stagnation.