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Paintings by Farhad Gavzan

Drawing and calligraphy have always been the main features of Farhad Gavzan’s works with a definite continuity in the process. He always considers drawing as the main medium of his work and avoids working on a specific issue by using static visual language. Gavzan’s works are often done on a white background and refer to subjects such as wounds, violence, rupture of the body, and the body itself. The works presented in this exhibition also show some intertwined creatures and forms that are ghostly, nor human, nor animal, with hands and feet. These ghosts are formed due to some pencil scratches on the cardboard.
Continuity, as one of the features of Gavzan’s works, is visible in his new series. The difference is that he has taken a step towards changing the space in his works and has passed a process to achieve color through drawing. It can be said that his work is not a representation of a specific image, though creates a different abstraction by personalizing the geometry, line, and visual personages.