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Paintings by Davood Zandieh

A story of a silent past may be the first semantic representation of Davood Zandian’s works in his recent exhibition; paintings that have been done with great technical skills on large scales, with oil paint and brushes on canvas and cardboard, works that form characteristics of different artistic genres can be seen in them and formed through painting collages in the general structure of his work. Davood Zandian uses two approaches abstract and representational in dealing with the elements of his work and the use of color. He sometimes completes a part of the painting with thick paints, and at the same time, lets parts of the image be shaped by chance and improvisation and keep it till the end of the work.
Creating nostalgic spaces of the modern era is one of the visual features of Zandian’s work which in this series has expressed its theme by using the subjects and memories related to the second Pahlavi period. His starting point dates back to the early 60s, with coffee house painting. Although the works presented by Zandi are thematically and technically far from the visual culture of coffee house painters, but it can be guessed that this background has not been ineffective in his tendency towards magical realism. This exhibition can effectively show the painting quality of an experienced artist in his early 70s and have an attractive visual experience for the viewer.