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Exhibition Review

Paintings by Ali Nassir

The intertwining of the forms next to the bright colors is one of the most prominent features of Ali Nassir’s works that has always existed in his uniform expression and visual language; the mix of human figure and nature that causes a space between abstraction and realism. The works in this exhibition have almost filled most of the walls on both floors of the gallery, which shows how active the artist is; works in different dimensions on canvas and paper. The colors and forms seem to represent a moment when the artist gets ready to capture the subject and follows a process to represent and describe the space through painting. Nassir’s approach to representation is taken from his subconsciousness and creative mind and gets inspired by everyday life and usual events, forming different layers of his work, while avoiding any visible reference to a specific and familiar narrative in his mind. In the works of Ali Nassir, especially his drawings, there is a kind of improvised behavior, which originated from a logic, been shaped during the years of his activity and is reflected in all the details of his work.