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on Iranian

Contemporary Art

Exhibition Review

Paintings by Ali Golestaneh

Art starts with feeling, prior to seeing. This is the process in which the audience gets exactly in its opposite direction, that is feeling after seeing. Now if an audience stands in front of a natural landscape, the subconscious begins to feel it.

Ali Golestaneh is nature’s audience. He creates a pure experience of saturated perspectives that can be seen at any point, because he does not only care about the nature and tries to expand its conventional definition.

Golestaneh moves from realism to abstraction, but it seems to be stopped in the middle of the way. The forms and colors get drawn in a pleasant hell and make a world that Golestaneh is its creator; a personal world as the result of artist’s joy from watching the landscape.

The world of Golestaneh is personal. He is not adhere to any boundaries. Although his experimental look to the color and technique is along with a full awareness on his tools, but is only to create an incidence. Leaving the form and color on canvas and paper, while looking at a landscape, becomes a work that is not based on any predetermined structure.

Ali Golestaneh is an artist who puts a new perspective of the nature and the world around it in front of our eyes. To see his work, it is necessary to feel first!