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Yaghoub Emdadian has been painting for about forty years now and has founded Hoor Art Gallery since 2005. He is a landscape painter. It does not mean that we shall look for nature in his works, though nature is a part of his work. He makes the scene, creates the view, takes the control of the color and makes an abstract world of surfaces that immerse the audience in a mixture of colors.

Life is still going on in his works, because when he was born in 1940s, the sky was blue and the plains were drawn in colors and maybe today he wants to remind us of that colorful world that is getting smaller and darker every second.

The modernist world of Emdadian is not comparable to any of western samples, because unlike Rothko’s abstract expressionism or Malevich’s pure abstracts he makes a world of bright colors. He illustrates the flow of life. For this painter, the space extends to the horizon of creating works; creating wide perspectives in which the eyes can run through them like a child.

The fact that he lives In Karaj, far from the crowded capital, might be that he is yet seeking for the pure nature and bright blue sky in today’ world and that his effort to create these works is to get help from colors to illustrate his ideal nature.