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Painting Exhibition

Mehdi Ahmadi graduated in Graphic from Art University. Being more known as an actor than a visual artist, he has regularly held exhibitions since mid-1990s. The first images I remember of Mehdi Ahmadi’s paintings, is from his collection exhibited at Homa Gallery in 2008; a mixture of Iranian painting and David Hockney’s compositions. But this exhibition at Hoor Gallery that the frames and composition of the works have been referred to poetry in Iranian book-design, is worked with the centrality of woman as the main subject; women in white color painted on ochre background.  

A tendency to use previous achievements of painting history and Iranian miniature and also appreciating contemporary features such as how to brush and dynamics of today’s life along with personal traits can be seen in Ahmadi’s works.

However, beside all these features, some sort of rush to get the job done can be felt that has led the result of his work to some sort of rawness. Although there are innovations in the composition and form of the works, but some changes in size or performing technique could provide the basis for a more dynamic space.