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نمایشگاه هزارویک گالری روشنخانه

One Thousand and One

Roshankhaneh Gallery is once again hosting a collection of photographs of a young artist, who is holding his first sole exhibition. Ali Manouchehri has gone to the bankrupt classes in current economic situation of the country who are inevitably working as motorcycle courier. He has talked to them beside photography and has shared with us what he has achieved.

The feature of Ali Manouchehri’s works is his simple and direct approach to the subject. He has placed his subjects right in the middle of the picture on their bikes and has separated them from the city with a little depth of field, and by placing some information such as their name, age, job, work experience and their dreams beside each photo, he has made the audience more familiar with the subjects and has involved them with their thoughts. At the same time, Manouchehri has played their voices in the space of gallery, as if by placing the text and sound next to the image, he is intended to distance the collection from mere documentary.

To present his works, the artist has attached them to the wall with a pin, without any frames. This kind of presentation is in line with his idea like the tone of the statement and its cold, simple and direct approach.

Generally, his works seem to be a cautious but successful show in line with this young artist’s wishes.