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نمایشگاه روی کاغذ گالری اعتماد

On Paper

“On Paper” is a collection of works by twenty-eight artists who have exhibited their latest works. Being drawn on paper is what all these exhibited works commissioned by Etemad gallery and done by its artists have in common. The lack of a clear statement and the scattered content of the works, confronts the audience with an Instagram-like space in which he is directed from a work to another, without understanding anything. One can stand in front of a work and enjoy based on his taste or skip another without noticing. In both cases, nothing is added to the audience, and nor is taken. This kind of collecting the works which was also seen before in some other galleries, if we don’t consider it just for sale, may be intended to fill the gallery’s empty time during the Corona days and its limitations.

The audience of such exhibition can only get involved in the form of drawing for each artist, as he is not faced with a coherent collection of the artists to find his way to their world and get some knowledge from their work and approach.

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