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Abdolreza Aminlari is a Brooklyn-based artist who recently held his first solo exhibition at O Gallery.
His works include ceramic sculptures, frames with backgrounds painted with blue gouache, and textures sewn with shiny thread, and also an installation of tiles in small sizes in blue and various shapes that the form of the frames is made from their movement.
The sculptures and stitches have geometric shapes similar to humans and other living things, like what we have seen in traditional Iranian carpet designs. Choosing the blue color of the background, tiles, sculpture colors, and also the karat gold, which are reminiscent of Iranian signs that show his sense of loyalty and attachment to Iranian art and culture.
In this collection, Aminlari has tried to recreate a new form of domestic art. Although the works are of good form and presentation quality and have significant visual value, seeing the whole set of works together conveys no new feedback to the audience as it should.
This point might be due to the fact that this form has entered his work with no background; backgrounds that have been along with a lived experience and reasons for their use and expansion.