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None Turned into Memory

Alborz Kazemi’s exhibition at Dastan Gallery deals with the connection between the artist’s personal memories and the language of photography. Kazemi has tried to link his personal memories and collective communications to a photo medium, and connect the audience’s mental space to his own by creating some blurred, distorted, and manipulated images.
The atmosphere of Kazemi’s photographs which have been done in photo-chimie technique is in line with his previous works, in which he used the body and distorted it, and also dealt conceptually with the body in connection with objects.
This conceptual deal with the body that Kazemi works on is because of an unpleasant lived experience which is the burning of a part of his body; that incurable wound that Georges Bataille, the French Philosopher, calls “The Origin of Art” in his article “Sacrificial Mutilation and the Severed Ear of Vincent Van Gogh”. This article is rooted in the representation and conceptual side of these images in Kazemi’s external look. A distorted system that connects the body, object, and an unpleasant memory together.
The presentation of the photographs in this exhibition is inspired by how the conceptual artists present. The repetitive use of two photos in different dimensions and situations to inform the audience contains an emphasis on the subject and a reason for its representation.
This project has been curated by Vatttan Projects.