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Paintings by Davood Zandian

Davood Zandian is one of the prominent old artists who began his work with focus on Saqqakhaneh School. He tried various styles until he found his own way in art. He also gained valuable experiences in Norway which probably has had a significant impact on his moral and career. Zandian’s works have a strong connection with nostalgia and the past and images and figures are reminiscent of forgotten memories.

In this recent collection, such reminder happened with a representation of objects. Zandian’s huge works inevitably makes any audience feel wondered. The lose of figurative dimension and relying on representation of objects may indicate despair in the new era of his works. Though his former style can be seen yet in his works, but as modern and non-figurative art in the west implies nihilism and despair, the recent works of Zandian may be a sign of his inability to remember his past clearly and pleasantly. It is as all these books in the same dimension have shaped the same memories into the objects, but there is no energy or need to explain the details to the audience.