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Night Reveals

“Night Reveals” is an exhibition of 21 photos of landscapes under the night sky in

Some parts of Iran and 10 other countries, were recorded by this photograph during several years of travel and observation of important astronomical events.

The images refer to the rupture of visual connection between the people in big and modern cities and the night sky from one side, which many of them may never experience seeing the starry night sky due to the light pollution, and on the other side, they are a bridge that connects us to the visual experience of the photographer. “The images take you on a journey with me to places with exquisite scenery. Here you can stand in front of any scene and see yourself inside them.”

The chosen sceneries, each contain an element or place of the spiritual heritage of that geography that coincides with an astronomical event and reflects the cultural body of that society. This is the same path the photographer is taking: “One people, One sky”. He confronts us with a world that he describes it so: “The night hides a world and reveals another world.”