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Exhibition Review


The first solo exhibition of Zahra Shahcheraghi titled “Mistress” was held at O Gallery. The works presented in this exhibition have been done with an abstract approach in various dimensions with acrylic paint on canvas and their subject revolves around gender, vague aesthetics and feminine desire. The way she works is full of textured movements and edgy and hard monochrome mixtures. The two-dimensional figures look at their most comfortable state with the touch of curved brushes, far from luxurious.

Drawing abstract bodies of female figures in these works, the artist has tried to depict their world apart from any masculine and real look. But the important thing is the familiarity of these images with such points of view. As it is clear, the artist had been able to be somewhat acceptable in the technical process of the work, but regarding the choice of the subject, whether her main concern has been the feminine aesthetic in its real form or not, can be judged in her future works.

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