Short Reviews

on Iranian

Contemporary Art

Exhibition Review

Mirrored Reflections

The happening of revolution and following that the eight years of war, caused the emergence of art with a maximum approach to social and political themes, and artists who lived at that time, had the opportunity to flourish.
Before that, coffee houses had a central role in Iran as a place to show bravery, and religious, national, literary, and political debates, but after the revolution, revolutionary and idealistic art became popular, and except for painting, it was depicted in forms of murals, photographs, posters, and graffiti. The works presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art include the art of those artists who lived through these events and experienced them deeply and tried to perpetuate the events of that time.
At a time when artists and their audiences are experiencing a fervent social and political situation, they rarely pay attention to the artistic value of the work and more focus on the effective role of the artwork. These works are valuable in terms of narrating a historical period and showing the reactions of artists to a series of events of a historical period.
The valuable collection on display includes drawings and paintings, photographs, posters, books, and some manuscripts that narrate the revolutionary art of Iran, Russia, and Mexico, and works created by Iranian artists influenced by these revolutions.