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on Iranian

Contemporary Art

Exhibition Review

Minimalism & Conceptual Art

Now I understand how a museum can no longer be passive and not limited to exhibiting corpses of the treasure from past, and the neutral looks of neutral audience to them. 

In “Minimalism & Conceptual Art” held at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, a space is created for the audience to face the history and theoretical and physical archives of two important schools in the history of art. A kind of encounter that creates active audiences: his experience of watching does not end in boredom and forgetting, but keeps him engaged both in the exhibition space and after that. What makes this experience more active, is the educational approach; an education through encountering and watching in the exhibition that starts at the beginning with the explanation of the concepts. It might seem simplistic at first, but reading the statement, even if short and brief, it is explained that the concepts and schools happened during a process and in a context. Getting close to this process and context happens along the way, by the help of some other words on the walls, quoted from the artists. Its effect on less familiar audience can attack all his presuppositions and engage his mind.

In the following, we see the works that so far were only representatives of their movement, and there was always a thick wall between them and the audience. Now, even if they are not understood and felt in the current political and socio-cultural context of the Iranian audience, but a friendly relationship remains between them.

This is how they revive. Their existence is not just recognized due to their past or their name, but the connection between the art work and the audience is revived as the main principle, and so the works come alive.