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Mehran Mohajer

Mehran Mohajer is the enduring legacy of the academic current of photography in post-revolutionary Iran, whose name is tied to the new generation of photographers who have taken strong steps in the development of this fascinating medium in Iranian art.

That young and energetic student influenced by the urban landscapes of Friedlander and Winogrand in the 80s, made a good impression on his audiences by his willow branches in the early 90s, using less elements. Later, with the reformist government getting the power and the excitement derived by the changes of those years, political concern became an inseparable part of his work up to his day.

However, Mehran Mohajer’s value and credibility does not necessarily depend on his works and photographic look, though perhaps the multifaceted character of this artist is his most important feature. Continuous artistic activity, teaching at the University of Tehran, writing and translating books and art essays have left a lasting, valuable and influential legacy from him.

Today, in any situation and with any rule, the name of Mehran Mohajer is cited along with the Iranian contemporary photography and the continuation of his look is traceable in the new generation of Iranian photography. A generation that was more concerned about language and artistic awareness than the photographic look and aesthetics of form and image and all these years in such winding path of photography, they spared no effort in advancing this look and conveying this desire.