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Look at Us

Mahshid Noushiravani has presented the photographs she had taken in 1979 in different factories such as Malleable and Margarine subdivisions like Khalij and Khorous with the title of “Look at Us”. The data in the photographs is to make us see something about the real people based on the facial expressions and the bodies of the subjects; the workers remind us of their presence with their staring looks at the camera. They just make us look.

The subjects are ritualistically standing rigid, still, and straight in front of the camera, staring at the center of it, and in order to make this pose, they had to empty themselves completely from their everyday truths. It is as if an attempt has been made to avoid any misinterpretation, even if it costs losing “normalcy”. What will amaze us is the relationship between the “action of photography” and everyday life, and the passage of time has given these photographs a new reading: “capturing and recordings” based on a socio-historical period related to the economic changes in Iran’s 50 decades and the growth of working-class families in the modern urban society of the time.

“Capturing” parts of the workers’ lives has given this series a sincere tone due to taking the camera to their homes.