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نمایشگاه تعلیق گالری ایده


The group painting exhibition of “Levitation” was held with the presence of 8 artists at Idea Gallery. This exhibition focuses on the concept of imagination and the unconscious in contemporary life; the point that the contemporary man is constantly living in a difficult situation that in order to experience a moment of comfort, turns to imagination, to get calm for a moment in a completely self-made world.

The artists of this collection have entered their world of imagination with their works that each has a separate short statement, and have shared it with the audience.

It can be said that artists mainly produce artistic content through imagination, but turning to imagination does not necessarily bring any peace to the artist. If we consider imagination resulted from the reality of life, which according to this exhibition has caused the suffering and hardship of the people, then it shall be asked that how can one find peace of mind in contemporary anxiety by imagination?

Although each artist has tried to create a world out of his own imagination in this exhibition, but each work is its own narrator and this has prevented the creation of a uniform world as a cohesive group exhibition and has kept the collection of “Levitation” as a generality about imagination. Apart from that, the difference of artists technical ability is very obvious in each work and this has reduced the impact of the whole works.

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