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نمایشگاه چشم‌اندازی در مه گالری فرمانفرما

Landscape in the Mist

A poet friend once said: “women are either alone or fill another’s loneliness. That is why my house is full of flowers and pots. Pots are always smiling”.

“Landscape in the Mist” is a collection of paintings by Mohadeseh Eivazkhani, displayed at Farmanfarma Gallery. Her paintings have photographic frames and realistic atmosphere. This collection is about duality and doubt; to stay and to go, to escape or to return. Figures are painted in a position that the identity is reduced by removing the face and so the audience can put himself in the subject’s position. The pots, however, are used to fill the loneliness and are a symbol of belonging that turns the staying into going and the coming back into an escape. 

Choosing a gray and neutral space has made the image of doubt in the works more visible, and the presence of a middle-aged woman has highlighted the silence and serenity in the image.

In the painter’s works, time seems to be stopped due to the use of monochromatic and lifeless background and she has added to the boredom of the image by placing her subject in this vague and infinite apace.