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on Iranian

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Exhibition Review


The recent exhibition of Sanam Saye Afkan in Bavan Gallery introduces a world to the audience which feels like walking with Alice in Wonderland. Though in these paintings, the narrator mixes her own nested mental world with literary references and art history to consciously confine the audience among her subjects. The artist’s references here are to the type of story and its formation. In these narratives, the artist not only does not present the plot of the story to the audience but tries to deprive time and place of her narratives by taking them from them. In the technical method also, the color levels of the paintings are reminiscent of the collage technique; a kind of using technique and space as material that links all the visual and conceptual components of the image. This form of technical usage alters the fidelity of the artistic history of technical work and somewhat separates painting from its historical context -painting like Kerry James Marshall and his peers- and looks for a personal language for conservative expression.