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Khosro Khosravi

As it is a routine, all the political and economic distortions can be generalized in art, which is definitely not an exception. Media constraints might be considered involved with common art, which of course includes all the medias. It is possible to take a strict critical position and destroy whatever that was built and consider them insignificant and then consider ourselves acquitted of everyone.
But don’t forget! The essence of art is in the heart and the hearts’ is in the pulse. It definitely has products, supplies and complications. It is impossible for our vast land to be just a fruitless desert. But anyway, our art today is a presentation of the heart of society in which we live, strive and suffer.
So, it is alive and dynamic and involved in its own challenges and all these are visible in that.
It includes all and is penetrant, has a representative of and thought and needs criticism and analysis. So is alive and dazzling to others and reliable to itself. We feel free there, powerful and independent, reformer and destructive and in any way creative.
So, any defect is on us.

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