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Judgment Night: Daddy Kills People

Mamali Shafahi’s installation in Parallel Circuit Gallery is a contemporary approach to the subject of myth. In this installation, the artist puts all the mythological agreements into a circle of conceptualism, which has its own mechanism in contemporary art. Although this conceptualism changes some of the myth’s substantive definitions, using it in the circle of conceptualism opens new horizons for reading of the myth in front of the audience.
Perhaps, the most contemporary point of dealing with myth in this installation is choosing the material, which has been achieved with a certain patience and deliberation and gives meaning to the artistic object in the context of contemporary art with some unwritten agreements that accompany the choice of the material. These myths do not have a steel shield or epic shell and have been created in a paradoxical way by using some subtle material and disgusting colors which show getting over the pup culture.
In this exhibition, the artist tries to break the concepts of time and place. Walking through the history of art changes the material and spiritual definition of the myth and brings the place and space very close to today’s culture. This, as it is mentioned in the statement, has connected tradition and modernity to each other and gives meaning to the conceptualism of the installation in the heart of this thousand-years path.