Short Reviews

on Iranian

Contemporary Art


Jalal Ghiasbeygi

This project was started in the first year of my studies. In our painting class, due to my experience at school, instead of trying different techniques, I focused on a more important issue, which was choosing the subject of my work, and started drawing and painting apples in form of still nature. Realism and representing reality were my priority. The apples were getting rotten in the process of the project, which was sometimes lasting up to a week or more. I started representing the fact that time and decay are part of nature, and showed the death and destruction of the apples.

These paintings and two-dimensional drawings on paper paved me a way to bring the concept of corruption into the main theme of my sculptures. This series was selected for my final project. I tried to show the concept of time in a way in my works and make sculptures that follow the cycle of time and are not still and static. 

Finally, I made an interactive sculpture (a conceptual work) in which the viewer could interfere with the cycle of time and change the speed of the decay’s natural cycle.

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