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It Comes Our Way

Entering Dastan’s Basement, we see the works of Dorsa Basij, which aims to have a critical look to the post-explosion situation and the effects of the decay process. Part of the works of this exhibition are some photographs showing the moment of explosion and some archived images of the gatherings, both being abstracted with color saturation and fading. But what is this abstraction for?

Probably, the artist wants to refer to no specific event by removing the details, and examine the concept as a whole. This has created a beautiful violence out of the situation she wants to criticize. Maybe she wants to show a beautiful presentation of a disaster to criticize our perception, but the result has reduced the actual complex situation to its simplifying.

In this show, we are also faced with two videos, as if one refers to the place, and the other to the time. The dispersion of the works, in terms of presentation and form, is a bit confusing for the audience, and has not become a coherent whole. However, we shall not forget the interesting idea and concern of the artist, that perhaps could have impressed the viewer better with more time and maturity, and raise questions.

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