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Entering the exhibition of “Irony” on the second floor of A Gallery, we face the text of a statement, which by defining the world of “Irony” and attributing it to the ironic time of today, invites us to look at the abandoned state of problems of the day and from the very beginning, announces the danger of an imminent death and a society that is metastasizing its problems.
The four young artists in this exhibition, each describe a part of the current state of their community in a separate series of works; a community plagued by corona with environmental problems and accelerated and pioneered in change and transformation.
Seems that the intention to hold such an exhibition has been the fear of the situation of the coming future and the apprehension of silence in the face of the reality of what we all knew was happening! A flip to face the problems and not escape from them.
However, my question as a viewer is about the way the works have been presented and the dispersion of the series over long distances while dealing with projects. In such inconsistency, it seems that this group of artists has come together under the excuse of finding a common title and each has installed his own ready-made works together.